According to People magazineOklahoma teens Katie Hill and Arin Andrews, who are transgender and were in a relationship with each other during their transitions, will share their stories in two memoirs to be published Sept. 30, 2014, by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers. The book covers, revealed today, are above.

Katie Hill told People"I don’t want this book to just appeal to transgender people or their allies. I want people to understand that there really is no such thing as normal."

I don’t know a lot about this couple but woohoo more YA books by trans people!



*carries a redshirt with me but doesn’t wear it* it’s a metaphor for dying on away missions but i don’t put it on because i don’t actually want to die on away missions

the fault in our star trek


Out of context motivational Joffrey


Out of context motivational Joffrey

All I can picture is Margery, Sansa, Olenna and Arya dancing to this. Someone draw it please. 


I love this!

  • Mum: One time when you were a toddler, I took you for a blood test, well the nurse handed you balloons and a lollipop to make you happy. And what did you do? You threw them and hit her in the face.
  • Me: And I would do it again!



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the purple wedding


we all knew this post was coming